5 Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is 5, 15, or 50 years old, sooner or later it will need to be remodeled. Since you’re investing a significant amount of time and money, it’s important you avoid the most common mistakes homeowners make during a bathroom remodel. After all, this is a major project that shouldn’t be taken lightly; professional help and careful planning will be needed.

1. Not Upgrading Lighting

Odds are that the lighting in your bathroom just isn’t as great as it could be. Most bathrooms need two light sources: one over the bathroom mirror and one over the bathtub or toilet. For an extra dramatic result, consider installing a small chandelier as your second light source.

2. Not leaving room in the budget

If there’s one thing you can bet on during a bathroom remodel, it’s that you’ll have a surprise at some point. You might tear out your toilet to discover sub floor damage, your old bathtub tile could be hiding a mold problem, or the paint color you just loved in the store might look terrible on your walls. Either way, you need to leave some wiggle room when you plan out expenses.

3. Keeping an old toilet

Many people don’t realize that toilets do eventually need to be replaced. Newer models save considerably more water, perform better, sit higher for comfort, and the purchase make you eligible for a rebate.

4. Thinking your bathroom is larger than it is

Sure, almost everyone wants a jetted tub to soak in at the end of the day, but you really need to measure everything out to consider if you actually have the space. Besides, a big fancy tub doesn’t increase your home’s value. If you’re still determined, follow this tip: put tape down to block of the extra area your new tub will take up, and see if you can live with it for a week.

5. Using cheap materials

Everything in your bathroom needs to be able to stand up to high heat and humidity for years, if not decades, to come. Please, put in the highest quality cabinets, use the best quality paint, and install the best flooring material you can afford. This small extra cost up front can save you thousands in avoided mold remediation later on.

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