Give Your Kitchen Some Pop With These Tricks

In most homes, there isn’t that much imagination that goes into the design, color, and function of the kitchen’s cabinets.

However, this isn’t necessary; cabinets, including yours, can be fun and functional at the same time. The following surprisingly whimsical solutions can bring shock and awe to your kitchen while creating more storage room than ever before.

Chicken Wire Cabinet Doors

Yep, chicken wire and other wire mesh built with a wooden frame can look great as a replacement for standard kitchen cabinet doors. If you’d prefer that your dishes are out of sight, then add a pleated fabric backing.

Repurpose Other Items

Kitchen storage can be made from an old hutch, wooden crates, stacking bins, or even bookshelves. Go to a furniture or antique store armed with measurements of your kitchen and see what inspires you.

Bold Patterns and Paint

Since when is it written that your kitchen cabinets must be white, brown, or black? Paint your cabinets blue with stripes, cover the doors with fabric, make them into chalkboards for writing down shopping notes or commonly used recipes, etc.

Crown Molding

Plain, boring cabinets can really be jazzed up with simple crown molding. Best of all, this isn’t a budget busting solution and it can make your cabinets look like you spent a fortune; especially if you pair the new molding with a fresh coat of paint.

Skip Cabinets

There is no rule saying that your kitchen must have cabinets. For a really bold move, just skip getting kitchen cabinets altogether. Instead, consider installing wall shelves to hold plates, bowls, and cups and find a small corner to hang pots and pans over.